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Begin the process of building your company the right way


image of general building contractor

After an architect has designed a building, the project is turned over to the general contractor. General contractors are among the most important people that handle a construction project. Without them the projects will not get off the ground or will turn out sloppy. A general building contractor is responsible for ensuring that you have all of the materials that you need as well as the man power to put them together. They also maintain the schedule and ensure that the building gets put together the way it is originally planned.


image of general building contractor

Pricing is one of the first things that a general building contractor will do. They will generally have to overview the schematics for the building and make a decision on the materials that they are going to need, the man hours that it will take, etc. For renovations, the general building contractor will probably have to visit the site to give a more detailed analysis. When this analysis is complete, the estimate is given. Multiple building contractors might be hired to give an estimate, in which case they will likely try to compete for the position.


image of general building contractor

In order to become a proper general building contractor, you have to be officially licensed in most circumstances. What these circumstances are can vary from state to state, but in most cases if you have a contract above a certain price tag, you will have to be licensed. For example, California requires that ever construction job over $500 be completed by a licensed contractor. Getting a license usually involves having a solid education and some experience working in the construction field. If you are buying, make sure that your contractor is licensed.